Robbie Williams NME interview: "I do the same thing that Morrissey does." (September 6, 2022)

“I do the same thing that Morrissey does. I’m not saying in any way, shape or form that I’m as good as or better than Morrissey, I’m just saying: I do the same thing. He sings to melody and puts a lyric to it. Same with Elton – he does it the other way around. It’s only annoying when there’s disrespect brought to it. I’m not bothered, but if it’s levelled against me that I don’t [write] or it’s ‘his songwriters’, then I’m like, ‘f*** you’.”


He literally said, "I’m not saying in any way, shape or form that I’m as good as or better than Morrissey," and you still created yourselves a bash-a-Robbie contest. How bored are you lot really?


Shania Twain was way more successful than Morrissey, and Celine Dion tenfold both of them together. What’s your point? Oh wait, you don’t have one? Sorry.
God I love Shania Twain! Her lyrics and her melodies are so gorgeous. Her songs say so much to me about my life because she really taps into what the human condition is all about. Oh wait I meant to say Morrissey not Shania Twain.


Seasick, Yet Still Docked
Robbie Williams is awful and one of the worst and most overrated artists of all time.
To even mention Morrissey in the same breath as him is an insult.


Don't Leave Us In The Dark
live a little
You mean live like this? No thanks.



Don't Leave Us In The Dark
I am a huge fan of Robbie Williams. He along with Matty Healy and Brandon Flowers really are the best going today.
Not to mention Justin Blubber who cancelled his world domination tour to focus on his own wellbeing. There's a lot of other twats (I mean popular artists) who I wish would do the same.

But looking on the positivd side: we have a new Cliff Richard Christmas cash-in album (I mean classic) to look forward to as we struggle to pay the heating bills.


Paul H

I remember Moz saying “I like everything about Robbie Williams… apart from his music!”

Sandy_Jay_1111 ☯️

Indigo_Starseed 🔮
Ok robbie Williams is more popular now and he is from my home town but comparing the 2 ? :confused:

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