RIP Lux Interior


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aaaaaahhhh DAMN!!!! :( that's terrible


Oh my goodness. That's horrible news. This really caught me by surprise! Lux Interior was so so cool. I loved The Cramps and they were on my list of legendary bands I'd like to see before they went away. Now I'm gonna feel sad listening to their music.
I'm going to go listen to "Surfin' Dead" now.. :[


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Sharron, you need a disclaimer with that video. :eek: Contains the Exorcist chick. :eek::(:tears: I was trying to pause it, close it and get away...all the while with my eyes closed. :o

Sorry to hear about Lux.
F*CK!! It's a bad year for rock 'n roll already and it's only the start of February. First Ron Asheton, now Lux Interior. Very glad that I saw the Cramps live several years ago in Amsterdam.

At one point Lux Interior was hanging from the balcony of the Paradiso (the venue) with his arse hanging out of his trousers and the microphone in the place where the sun don't shine. What a legend!

I'm gonna listen to 'Can Your Pussy do the Dog' now. And have a drink on him tonight. RIP.


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Yeah was shocked when I heard. Lux seemed indestructible somehow.

Condolences to Ivy.

A little bit of Rock n' Roll goes with him.

Saw them twice, on the Stay Sick and Flamejob tours. The first one at the Glasgow Barrowlands was the best gig I've ever been to.


saw the cramps a few years ago in SO36*, berlin
*famous punk club


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Oh my god. it's Robby!

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i am not ashamed to say this, but i only really got into them after seeing
this, now its not even a fave song of theirs of mine
but i still adore

girls with guns :horny:
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Nice that Morrissey mentioned him at the end of 'Skull' yesterday...

cornelius blaze

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Nice that Morrissey mentioned him at the end of 'Skull' yesterday...

what did he say? didn't know that M liked The Cramps.

saw them @ reading in the early 90s, they were fantastic :)

One of the first bands i listen on a c90 tape given to me, which had the Cramps, The Fall & the Smiths:guitar:

I hope he gets buried in a big leopard (fake) skinned coffin:guitar:

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Great song..

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