RIP Janice Long, died aged 66

Just that, really. 66 - too young.


Update 17:45, December 26, 2021:

Now a Central post with words from Morrissey:


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What awful news. I have adored Janice for years.
A true Great, and a Legend
In British popular music for several


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As already echoed by others , she curated my musical taste from 84 onwards
7-10 on radio1 and so crucial to the success of The Smiths .
Sad News indeed

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Janice interviewing Morrissey in 85

Absolutely wonderful Surface,
And Thank you for posting 🍻

Two old friends sitting yapping on about not to much, you can tell how they both adore each other.

Interesting how both their voices sounded completely different back then, must be an age thing 😬

Morrissey was always so playful in the Smiths days during interviews.
And very revealing of himself back then.
Thanks once again .


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Gone just too soon. She played a considerable part in Morrissey’s Second Coming, interviewing him on BBC Radio 2 in October 2002. On the strength of that interview, I bought a ticket to the Bonfire Night gig at Brixton Academy. This still remains my favourite Moz concert ever, with The Libertines as main support.
RIP, Janice. Another fixture of my 80’s adolescence passes over. ✨❤️😔


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Sad news.
I remember her sitting near me at M E N arena on The Quarry Tour ( Moz’s Birthday)
I’ll raise a glass to her later on.
Cheers Janice X

Benny :(

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