RIP Andy Rourke (May 19, 2023)


Oh man, this hurts. Tweet from Johnny:


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It was pancreatic cancer that got my mum so I have an inkling of what his struggle must’ve been like in the last wee while.

How horrible to read this news and a little piece of my youth crumbles away.

RIP Andy.
He's the first of the gang to die and now, however slim the chance was, the Smiths will never be again.
Indeed, as happened with the Beatles when Lennon was murdered, any tiny chance at a reunion of some kind is now gone. If I squint, I can just about imagine a reformed Smiths where Mike Joyce has been replaced due to the bitterness of the legal case, but Andy's sound was so integral to the band that even if by some miracle the other three buried the hatchet and got back together, it would never be 'The Smiths'. RIP.
Heartbroken! From a distance as a fan: incredibly talented bass player, a quiet team player and a lasting, true friendship with Johnny Marr. Thats important in life: true friends, if only a few. RIP Andy!

Awful news. Like many other have commented, Andy’s bass playing elevated so many of The Smith songs. Songs within the song. RIP.
With Hook he was the greatest bass player of his generation.
Of course with the Smiths, but also during those difficult early solo years he remained loyal to Moz.

Saw him play live with Badly Drawn Boy early this century, that was a joy to behold.
RIP Andy
Andy Rourke`s basslines are so beautiful (Heaven knows I`m miserable now), at times like thunder (the Queen is dead) very subtle and senistive (Well, I wonder) and almost the best that could have happened to the songs of the Smiths. What a musician! What a loss!
I love how people keep saying he was fuunny. Thats something that never would've occurred to me
Right? He was always the quiet one, humble, quiet and laidback. To us, at least. From afar. It says a lot, I guess.

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