RIP Andy Rourke (May 19, 2023)


Oh man, this hurts. Tweet from Johnny:


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my fave from andy's interviews. beholden here to no one here but himself

from 2013
my fave from andy's interviews. beholden here to no one here but himself

from 2013

Thank you for posting. Andy dropping some truth bombs there.
my fave from andy's interviews. beholden here to no one here but himself

from 2013
Thank you, great interview. With honorary mentions of

The above may have got missed at the time. Included here now for posterity.
Sandie Shaw's posts re: Andy on the 19th.
Has there been any news regarding the funeral? Would be interesting if Moz and Marr both attend
Record Collector, July edition (#546), 2023:


Mojo, issue 357.
Mike remembers Andy.



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We love you Andy! I get a little emotional each time I read one of these, but I'm so happy that he's as celebrated as he is. Rourke is forever <-> Smiths are forever.

FWD - you've done amazing here. Again, a huge thanks to you and all others who have posted all of these articles and tributes!!!
Would be nice if they could arrange a memorial concert in Manchester at some point, Marr has plenty of connections to get something worthwhile done. Not expecting/demanding it but he's more than worth one.
For as long as human ears can hear the songs of 'The Smiths', the bass lines of Andy Rourke will be a karmic echo condemning both Morrissey and Marr. The fact that he never received remuneration for his compositional contributions alongside being shafted for live performance income means there's a special place in hell for Morrissey and Marr.

Like rust, karma never sleeps.

Rest In Peace Andy Rourke 🙏


'thank you for the music 🎶


'According to a study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, the bass is the most important part of any song. Because the human brain is better at picking up the rhythm when it’s played in a lower tone, like a bass, we rely on the bass player to keep the structure of the song much more than a guitar or drum.

Basically, the bass player is the crust that keeps the pizza together, otherwise you just have a pile of greasy cheese and pepperoni.Not only do we rely more on the bass player to keep the rhythm of the song, but because the brain detects timing deviations in the lower notes more than higher ones, bass players have to be more technically proficient than a drummer or guitarist because we notice a bass players mistakes more.' only do we rely,a bass players mistakes more.
Peter Hook has dedicated his gig to Andy
Starts at 04:04 ( before first song She's lost control )

What an absolutely amazing gig :hearteyes:

Really really loved that he did that, that was really classy, but I really like Hooky anyway^^ Amazing gig, can't wait to see him in November. A bit sad, that Moz didn't credit Andy at his concert but on the other hand maybe it wouldn't have fitted. Maybe at the UK gigs? Anyway Andy derserves all the credit and dedication in the world and its very nice that Hooky did that.

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