RIP Andy Rourke (May 19, 2023)


Oh man, this hurts. Tweet from Johnny:


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that is so sad,didnt even know he was ill.for me he was always the quiet one at the back when it came to the smiths,more of a musician than someone looking for fame.r.i.p.andy,may perpetual light shine upon you.
Just heard the news. So young, so sad. f*** cancer
Absolutely devastated at this news.

For me The Smiths were, and always will be, a young band. Andy was only 23 when the group broke up.

To see the first Smith pass away feels like the end of an era.

Rest in peace Andy. A truly brilliant musician and a crucial piece of the masterpiece that was The Smiths.
So, our fears were true. This is disgusting. Devastating. One of my all time favorite bass players. For me, it’s him, Hooky and Simon Gallup.

It feels unreal, horrific, that a member of The Smiths has died.
Feck! :( This person I follow on Instagram has this feed where when someone passes, he posts a lookalike picture as a goof. For a few moments, I couldn’t remember if it was the name or the picture that was the goof. Sadly, it was the latter. He will always mean way to me than lawnmower parts. Peace.
I've said it before, but I think the best of Andy was on the early version of the Queen Is Dead, you can hear his dexterity and trademark ear for a complementary bass-line. What a loss.

Terribly sad news . Godspeed Andy . There is a better world .Must be...
You could just tell this was coming. He looked so ill, Johnny had been spending more time with him. This is so incredibly sad. RIP Andy. I really am at a loss for words. Prayers for Andy and all his loved ones, wishing them peace and comfort.
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