Riot Fest: Morrissey's curated lineup / preview party details released (September 2, 2021)


Alkaline Trio
Patti Smith and her Band
Joyce Manor
Kristen Young

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Off topic but I'm watching Moz from 1991 Top Of The Pops BBC4 UK TV tonight and remembering seeing Moz for the first time a mon

How do you know about Roz leaving his gf (wife?) and kid. I can never find any news online about Roz. Did he do it after his solo album The Defenestration of St.Martin? Cos the first song on that is about his abusive father who left them when he was small.
Keep an eye out for the symbol on his blouse .
Looks like a fish so I presume it’s a born again Christian.... the worst type of Christian
We are living in a world where everything is possible; Kirsteen Young can have her name in big on the bill of a festival while only having 720 listeners per month on spotify !

Poor old Jesse must be having a bad year. Alain is back, who he publically bitched about and now so is Kristeen who not only did he bitch about but whose partner publicly wiped the floor with him, calling him thick etc
You have to be a bit a dummy to let TV throw shade - Tony is the biggest grifter going. Everybody knows he and KY used to bitch about Bowie for years, right up to his death- in fairness, Bowie spent lots of the 90s talking smack about Tony as well.
TV was more a super studio hand, rather than a super producer, which is why there are no great none Bowie and Bolan lps - his lp with Sparks was awful, his production on Ms Lp was piss poor and so on
KY herself was a troubled soul maybe she's changed, she is very American and falls for the whole "star system" . The trouble is, she isnt really part of it and she knows it,
She stands for woman power but has got everywhere on the backs of men. Tony gets her gigs -I will do your lp , will you take KY on tour?
M made her "known" , at least in Morrissey world. If i were him I would be careful, KY never appreciated what he did for her. In fact she only wanted him to do more. She was always talking smack about him to the M fans she befriended.

I expect lots are taking advantage of M's post-death state of mind, it happens a lot. I hope he is ok, and has the right people around him.

KY is of course friends with man face April , who is one of those "super fans" who never really got M. Deeply into brit pop , she jumped ship when M fell out of fashion. She hangs with Billy Bragg, who we all know stuck many knives in M's back and she even married Martin from Gene - poor martin, tried to rip off his own band and left his gf and kid to be with April, well she is a monied American.
Its OK to do that kind of thing, as long as you are publically left-wing, of course.
really the only time i can think of Visconti 'bitching' about Bowie was when he claimed that Ronson & band wrote much of Man Who Sold the World bc Bowie was lazy
Any guesses as to when he'll go on? Gates open at 2:30pm. Does he go on first in the afternoon? Last in the evening?
Perhaps foolishly, but I'm still hoping that, since this is the last show for quite a while (as far as we know), we'll get a couple of new songs of one kind or another: Bonfire or just not played in Vegas. Just bought my ticket. See you there @dotmatrix522!
Used to dread going to see Moz and having to get through KY. Very much not my thing.
If you have to “get through KY” I’m sure wherever it is that you are coming from isn’t too desirable either.
Drummer confirmed:

Matt is playing before and after tomorrow with Garbage elsewhere.
Wonder if Matt was even considered? since he wasn’t there for Vegas either.

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