Riot Fest: Morrissey's curated lineup / preview party details released (September 2, 2021)


Alkaline Trio
Patti Smith and her Band
Joyce Manor
Kristen Young

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Who or what is WDRL? Can’t find him/her/them on Spotify.
Just the usual lip-service line up you'd expect, perhaps bar Patti Smith.

How on earth would you know? You think he doesn't have the internet? That's not to say, some of the stuff he likes is particularly good, mind.
its amazing how people come up with these statements,well done stiv for calling this turkey out.
Alkaline trio - this could be love

Alkaline trio - is this thing cursed

Alkaline trio is gonna draw a big crowd leading into morrissey. It’s there hometown and they’re well liked by the riot fest crowd
Just the usual lip-service line up you'd expect, perhaps bar Patti Smith.
He won't have listened to anything really new in 25 years unless he got told some act were singing his praises, then he'd say the were great......whether they were utter shit or not. Fact of the matter.
It’s true. Morrissey very clearly has no awareness of contemporary music, which shows in both his own work and his “curatorial style.”
Is there a reason why anyone thinks Morrissey has something to do with the acts Riot Fest book for the show?


He probably said .. just get me Patti and you can pick the rest.


Dude from Joyce manor has a lisp so maybe he was just seduced by that. I believes I a has or had a few morrissey tattoos as well
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