Rio de Janeiro - Fundicao Progresso (Nov. 30, 2018) post-show

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William, It Was Really Nothing / Alma Matters / I Wish You Lonely / Is It Really So Strange? / Hairdresser On Fire / Sunny / How Soon Is Now? / Back On The Chain Gang / The Bullfighter Dies / If You Don't Like Me, Don't Look At Me / Munich Air Disaster 1958 / Dial-a-Cliché / Jack The Ripper / Hold On To Your Friends / Break Up The Family / Spent The Day In Bed / Life Is A Pigsty / Something Is Squeezing My Skull / Jacky's Only Happy When She's Up On The Stage // Everyday Is Like Sunday / First Of The Gang To Die

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  • Photo posted by KingKongLeer:

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You know my views on the large rings, yuk, quite like the necklaces and think the bracelets/bangle combo look fab, mini Moz maybe sporting similar on his next adventure. Trying to persuade my friend to start knitting some cardis seeing as they seem to be the new thing....
Your friend is very obliging! You're going to have to figure our how to do those cut-up Moz/James Dean t-shirts next, I think.
Your friend is very obliging! You're going to have to figure our how to do those cut-up Moz/James Dean t-shirts next, I think.
She hasn’t agreed yet ! Says I can make cardigans out of socks. I’m still waiting for my skinny young Moz body, she hasn’t produced that yet either but I’m sort of hoping she pull my name in the school secret Santa and that’s the reason I’ve not got him.
Get yer tits out for the lads Steve :rofl:
Put em away ffs and get a decent fitting bra while your at it.

Benny-the-British-Butcher :greatbritain::knife:
Very odd..he looks positively fat with clothes on but far less so with'em off but nevertheless Keep Calm and Cover Up plz Mozzarellas
Morrissey is driving, really driving from Rio to Sao Paulo. Its a 4-hour driving. He said this on stage, but at the time I did not think he meant literaly.
Band went by plane and they confirmed to a friend of mine who met them at the airport.

Have some fun Moz, 90mph curves....
Blikey fek pisser cunt thick! Will you people stop. Dude is 59 and can eat 10 potato tacos with extra guac and an extra large order of refried beans in 15 minutes at Taco Tuesday at Los Panchos and has a great Italian cook as a life partner. Air Morrissey is in pretty good shape considering how much he eats. Must be all the basketball he plays at the Malibu Rec Center mate inn nn n din't in it.
I'd say about 176 lbs or about 80kg. His BMI must be at least 28.
i've been up very close many times. he's a big boy, wide shoulders, traps show deffinition, he does excercise,
(tho i cant picture it), but is a good 200+. i weigh 250ish, my brother in law is 175lb, M is way meatier.
Dave Gahan weighs around 175...maybe?
Robert Smith 240-260. cant really see him clearly standing in front of him 2 yrs ago. still sounds and plays great and long and mixed sets. always.
but yea...leave the shirts on already. had it's time.
10 shows now and no cancelations (including the ALT 98.7 & Late Show appearances)! Granted that's not a hell of a lot, but still good to see. 5 more shows and we'll have a 100% completed tour.
Success continues for Moz, while our local cunts simmer in jealousy. Fatso Skinny and his beloved Butcher.
That photo. Jeez. He looks like someone touting for business in an S&M parlour in Amsterdam.

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