Morrissey Central RINGLEADER DELUXE ! (July 17, 2020)

Morrissey’s third UK number 1 album ‘Ringleader of the Tormentors’ will be issued this year by BMG for the first time.The album is presently being ‘rebooted’ by producer Tony Visconti and will feature more sections by Ennio Morricone and his orchestra from the 2005 sessions in Rome, plus a photographic booklet.The original album featured four UK hit singles, ‘You Have Killed Me’ (Number 3), ‘The Youngest Was The Most Loved’(Number 14), ‘In The Future When All’s Well’ (Number 17), ‘I Just Want To See The Boy Happy’ (Number 16).



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I'm in. I wasn't completely bowled over by this album when it first came out but have since grown to love it. A slow burner as they say.




That sound you can hear is the sound of a turd being polished.

By all means give more of your money to a right-wing goon. He's all yours.
Actually, no, the only sound I can hear is a TURD being well & truly triggered. That turd of course being you. By all means don't buy it skinny, Moz is all ours.
I just love to think of all the cash that you've already given Moz over many, many years. $$$£££$$$.
I also love the fact that even now, after all these years, you're still spellbound & giving him so much of your time. No escape for you is there?
That sound you can hear is the sound of a turd being polished.

By all means give more of your money to a right-wing goon. He's all yours.

Pretty sure that wouldn’t make a sound. The sound I did actually hear was a quiet tutting sound when I saw that you were posting more hate-filled nonsense on a website dedicated to a singer you claim to loathe.

Any not most

Really excited to see this - I think from what I’ve heard the original ‘Dear God’ was too overly mixed for EM to be used


I guess Morricone's passing has made this commercially viable. Slightly surprised to see Visconti actively involved in this at all, considering the shitstorm that went down when Moz and Kristeen Young had their last bust up. Anyway - the main thing I hope they fix is brickwalled mastering levels of the first release. I maintain that there was nothing inherently wrong with Visconti's production (who seems to get all the blame for the sound on this), but the levels all being compressed to shit in the mastering process made this album sound f***ing awful ('Dear God Please Help Me' being the only exception, as it actually has some dynamic range). Who was ultimately responsible for that judgement call is anyone's guess, but hopefully they back off for this release.

Meat Is Delicious

Cashing in on Morricone’s death. Typical Mozzz. Whatever it takes to afford his addiction to imported dairy cheese. This will only be worth buying for the photographic booklet, which will include photographs of Mozzz with his hand on his chin listening to the maestro Morricone work.

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