Right-wing English magazine comes out for Morrissey


The right-wing magazine "Heritage and Destiny" (formerly the journal of the England First Party) has published a full page Editorial by former EFP councillor Mark Cotterill in its July/August 2019 issue (No. 91) supporting Morrissey.

You can get an idea of the kind of views this publication promotes from Wikipedia:



Here is an excerpt:

"As most readers will be aware, the vast majority of pop/rock stars, just like the majority of TV movie stars, are completely against everything we stand for...Every so often there's a slight hick-up though, and the latest hiccup goes by the name of...Morrissey who came to prominence in the 1980s as the front man of the rock band The Smiths."
"Highly influential among young people, Morrissey has been credited as a seminal figure in the emergence of indie rock and Britpop. Often regarded as one of the greatest lyricists in British rock-history, he has courted controversy since early on in his music career with his forthright opinions and outspoken nature - endorsing vegetarianism and animal rights, criticising royalty and prominent main-stream politicians, and critiquing the impact of...immigration on the national identity of England...The For Britain Movement (FBM elected councillor Julian Leppert is a H & D subscriber) has thanked Morrissey for his support!"
"Whether Morrissey will recant his nationalist views as other musicians like Bowie, Clapton...have done in the past is not known. But from now on the establishment in general and the music establishment in particular will be coming after him with a vengeance."

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