Ridicule the Panic

Do you wear a mask because 'it's better to be safe than sorry' even tho no-one is near?

  • Yes, until I get home and even in the car. Always.

  • Mostly, even if walking with no-one in sight. But not in the car.

  • Kinda but not when others aren't around but it's ready in pocket.

  • Not really unless a retailer makes me. I'll put it on in the car and then go in.

  • No. If you're about 6' away, you don't need to wear a mask. In retail, yes.

  • I don't wear a mask at all.

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Masks are gay. (Supposedly) high contagion rate; proportionally minuscule death rate. And most of the dead are elderly or already seriously ill.

But yeah; rock that dental hygienist look like a good li'l n****r.
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