Ricky Gervais on those who don't play The Smiths for political reasons



I listened to the tape - it was discursive. He actually squealed when he realized she thought he was saying he was against all immigration.

& the badge was for a then entirely new party run by a woman who started out on the left & who he believed had been smeared by the press.

put down the AluHut, Fräulein otherwise there is no help for you

The M word

Morrissey does not only support a racist political party. Racist words are formed in and leave his mouth regularly. Ricky Gervais choosing to support a racist is mediocre and piss poor.
It isn't funny being an apologist for racism. It is simply moronic. I can only suspect Ricky is keen to demonstrate he supports racism.


Gervais is right. To not listen to the Smiths for "political" reasons is daft and if nothing else, its unfair to associate Marr, Rourke and Joyce with Morrissey circa 2020.
Who gives a toss anyway. I will listen to what i want to, not what self rightious sjw’s or other sad f***s want me to listen to. I love the smiths music and morrisseys music. Its funny seeing a lot of people constantly posting negative stuff on here, who still consider themselves “fans”. Have they nothing better to do with their lives apart from slagging morrissey off and fapping over their laptops?
. Everybody is entitled to their own opinions, as is morrissey.
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