Rick Astley Twitter: Rick Astley & Blossoms perform the songs of The Smiths - 2 Smiths-themed concerts in October (September 14, 2021)


Further to today's coverage of their Smiths covers, Rick Astley & Blossoms are playing 2 special Smiths-themed gigs in October.
Thanks to @davidt for the information.
Confirmed via ticket outlets:

(Link courtesy of @Uncleskinny)


Tweet posted by Surface:

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Fiona has already expressed her displeasure about the current development in her blog. Has the entry been linked yet?
You are welcome to post an article/create a thread or use the story suggestion feature.
When things are busy, peripheral bits can get missed.
Pathetic to see the Independent using their headlines as a means to troll Morrissey, instead of saying anything worthwhile about either Rick Astley or Blossoms. While it's designed to be hurtful and cruel, I'm hoping Moz doesn't fall for their game and make another comment that will be reported incessantly.
Ja ja a robbery They hung on Moz and Johnny to earn silver!!!! I wouldn't even pay for that!!! And please Moz Don't even think about singing something by Rick Astley puajjj!!!!
I agree. Moz already butchered a load of other artist’s music on that dreadful covers album he released.

There’s a brutal irony in watching Melvis fans scrape the basement walls over this covers gig, when their hero does the same thing at every show.

Back on the Chain Gang, indeed. 😂
Yeah, well I'm sorta quite pleased about it-ish, if only to bring the Smiths music to the younger generations. I hope it goes well; I think the only thing that is pissing me off is the mocking, disrespect & negativity shown to Moz...who wrote all those wonderful words...but maybe the younger generation don't know any of that because twitter hasn't told them yet. :rolleyes:
You sound 100 years old. Only on this website could this gallery of dipshits locate an imaginary subtext of disrespect in a tribute concert.

:handpointright::guardsman::handpointleft: was not invited to the dumb sucky tribute showdoh:
to the stupid birthday party......I mean tribute show:whip:
fully justified in throwing a tantrum :drama:

rick asstly please invite the :baby:
send an rsvp and put a big ➰ on it:hammer:
And it would also seem that lots of you so called "Morrissey fans" (who in reality only appeared in the last few years) are forgetting that Morrissey used a picture of him and Rick Astley as the cover for the reissue of International Playboys.
Yes, indeed he did. As a pathetic attempt to troll the Bowie camp for refusing to allow St David's image on the cover, which would have boosted sales.

Morrissey is barely known outside his cult and the general music press in the Global North whereas Bowie is a genuine Global Icon: not quite on the level of Bob Marley but recognised far more widely than Morrissey.

Bowie made very few mistakes but the duet with Morrissey was a real howler error of judgement.
It's just so funny that Bowie gets the last laugh on this as Rick Astkey inadvertently returns the diss, amplified.

Karma is a bitch, Steven. She keeps receipts...


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