Rhoda Dakar: "Version Girl" covers album released; includes "Everyday Is Like Sunday" (May 26, 2023)


A 12-song collection, the album features a diverse range of covers chosen by Rhoda, celebrating her love of Reggae, Ska and Rocksteady. Most of these songs have never before been given proper treatments in these incredibly versatile and timeless Jamaican genres.

"I wanted to go a little left field for this. There seemed no point in covering songs which already had perfectly good Reggae versions. Both UB40 and Madness have already done a series of definitive covers albums. So, rather than hanging on their coat tails, I went for songs that had no previous definitive Reggae, Ska or Rocksteady versions, that we could find anyway. I think it also continues to demonstrate the amazing adaptability of these Jamaican genres!"

Version Girl - Dandy Livingstone
Stop Your Sobbing - Kinks (Pretenders)
Everyday Is Like Sunday - Morrissey
What A Wonderful World - Louis Armstrong
Hangin' 'Round - Lou Reed
Song To The Siren - Tim Buckley
Walking After Midnight - Elvis Costello
The Man Who Sold The World - David Bowie
Comme Un Arbre - Maxime Le Forestier
As Tears Go By - Rolling Stones
Love Hurts - Boudleaux Bryant
Peace, Love And Understanding - Nick Lowe

(CD, neon purple translucent vinyl and galaxy purple vinyl released today too).

Louder Than War review.

Everyday Is Like Sunday
The track that kick started the whole project! The Pretenders’ version of this tune was what I was listening to and it became an earworm.

Morrissey with his infamous ‘reggae-is-vile’ quote and leanings doesn’t seem a good fit if you think about it – but this whole album is about the songs (rather than the writer) and there’s no denying it’s a great song – and this, from now on, is the only version you need ever listen to. The words lockdown replace close down as it was recorded during the pandemic.

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Just listened. Pretty good. Always a fan when someone puts their own style on songs, like Easy Star All Stars did with Radiodread. Stop your sobbing is excellent.
Wow, some very interesting song choices there, I must say.

Great version, her input on The Specials 'I cant stand it' and 'Pearls cafe' with Terry Hall were wonderful. Love a bit of Rhoda
certainly not terrible but i have never been a fan of the slow and dull reggae sound,maybe its because of ub40,a band i really couldnt stand for a long time.
Why is Walking After Midnight credited to Elvis Costello?
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