Rhoda Dakar covers Morrissey - "Everyday Is Like Sunday"

Just seen that the fantastically talented Rhoda Dakar, who has sang with The Specials and many more, is releasing a cover of Morrissey's Every Day Is Like Sunday.
Can only imagine the meltdown that will cause at Guardian HQ.

Link posted by GirlAfraidWillNeverLearn:


Brief video clip made available via Rhoda's FB:

Full song:
I don't understand the politics side of it. I doubt that Morrissey would mind if some of his fans have slightly different views to him. How many of us have exactly the same political views about everything? Morrissey would mind though if people attempt to disrupt his concerts his own shows (which is meant to be entertainment) with political activism and hatred. Why would someone pay good money to see Morrissey live in concert if they don't like him? Why would they go to that much effort and waist their time and money? The young Morrissey superfan Curtis Butler who sadly passed away in 2019 was in charge of sorting out the social media like on Twitter. He would then pass the info to Morrissey's security team and so on. There is some info on the "Following the Mozziah" Blog.
I meant *waste* their time and money not waist. Sorry, it was a typo.
Rhoda Darkar covers Everyday Is Like Sunday


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