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By Raphael Lambach on May 2, 2018 at 8:39 PM
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    The 4th episode of Rhino's podcast is about The Queen Is Dead's remaster. It's pretty good.
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    1. evennow
      Thank you Raphael. Very much worth the listen. So much rings true about what was said that I am taken aback a bit. This was my introduction to The Smiths and There is a Light was the song that made The Smiths such an integral part of my life for such a long time.

      He is correct about the lack of consideration anymore in regards to producing an entire album from beginning to end even to the point of focusing on the opening and closing tracks on both sides of an album. Now it is a pick and choose world in which we live. One song building and taking from the previous song is a lost art.

      More to the truth is that there are only one or two good tracks on any given record released today so there is no need to bother with anything in its entirety. Why would you put a collection of ten great songs on one record today when you can spread it out over five and collect all the money you can?

      The bit about Strangeways following after The Queen and the band already broken up by its release brings me back to that time. I hadn't had a chance to see them live so it was like...what just happened? Are you kidding me? Kind of fitting though in the end.
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    2. terrancestamp
      5 min in and I wanted to hang myself with the nearest rope.....sorry just pre-pubescent and silly.
    3. Anonymous
      You know, I have to agree with you, this is pretty light stuff. It's entertaining enough, but that's about it.

      The best podcast I've heard about TQID is the one by Bernard Butler where he interviews Johnny Marr. Very in depth, plays each song and also the songs that influenced Johnny's songwriting.

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    4. Famous when dead
      Famous when dead
      These are good podcasts.
      The Stephen Street one is worth a listen too.
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    5. Anonymous
      Oh I heard the Stephen Street one too - really wished he talked about the Smiths more! He got in some digs at Morrissey though. Did you catch where Bernard mentioned Johnny played bass on "Well I Wonder"? It made me think how often did that happen?
    6. Musician
      God, thank you! Funnily I could say the exact same things about Dog man star what Bernard says about TQID at the beginning.
    7. Dingoatemybabby

      This podcast is unfortunately, not available in the U.S., but here's the description on Mixcloud:

      In 1986 The Smiths unveiled their grand opus The Queen Is Dead - masterpiece, seminal, era defining, or just plain regal - this record changed lives. BB & The King waited 29 years to host a radio show in it’s honour and decided the easiest way to get to the heart of their favourite record was to talk to it’s maker. Bernard Butler spoke exclusively to Johnny Marr about the record, and what Johnny gave was nothing short of electric. In a 68 minute freeflowing conversation Johnny takes BB & The King through the songs, the look, the attitude, the technical detail, and the inspirations behind this wonderful record. Johnny’s words are spliced between the record itself, as well as mentioned key tracks which bled into The Smiths’ world in 1986. This is a complete one-off interview never heard anywhere before and recorded only for Boogaloo Radio.
    8. SuedeMoz
    9. Dingoatemybabby
    10. Anonymous
      What eejits flew to mexico
      ten hours on a plane isn't my idea of fun moe like torture
    11. Anonymous
      Queer as a nine bob note as we say in England that language we blessed you yanks with
    12. SuedeMoz
      Happy to help out. Haven't finished listening to the podcast but so far it's awesome ... many gems here. I love how Jonny is willing to talk about The Smiths and not treat it as some passe topic he won't discuss.
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    13. Dingoatemybabby
      I heard this live when it was first broadcast, but couldn't re-access it, so thanks again. I have now listened to this three times through and it is stellar! Johnny sounds so proud of their achievements and deservedly so. And doesn't Bernard Butler sound like a nice guy! Love how they set the mood for the album, song inspriations and talk about the ambitions for it. Also love all the guitar talk.
    14. SuedeMoz
      Yes, Bernard Butler seems to have mellowed over the years ... he definitely doesn't come across as moody and difficult as his old reputation suggested (maybe it was always unfairly exaggerated?). It's really cool hearing him in "fan mode" as he heaps copious praise on TQID.

      It's so true about the track sequencing on TQID not exactly making sense and being very unconventional. As an example, taking arguably the strongest song on the album, "There Is A Light..." and putting it second to last on the album.
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    15. Dingoatemybabby
      And we have Morrissey to thank for the unusual track sequencing!

      I loved that bit about that scratchy rhythm guitar part - how that WAS his solo and it was BETTER than a solo.

      All in all, a great podcast - I'm seeing Johnny in concert next month - can't wait! He has a reverence for the Smiths material that really shines in performance.
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    16. Famous when dead
      Famous when dead
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    17. beanburger
      This Rhino podcast made my skin crawl. AVOID. The BButler one was very good.

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