Morrissey Central "Rhino" (June 8, 2024)


Pre-order the vinyl in orange/black or CD.

Get tickets for Vegas.

Rhino's promotion (using the press release) repeated here.
Would be nice if they mentioned who remastered it at Abbey Road.
Image above from June 2, 2006 @ "Rock am Ring".
Nice to see the old fella back.
I am at a loss as to how bad the cover art is I do not get where he is at these days. The old cover was classic , with the color scheme.. If not that, why not use a picture from when he was young and handsome. Not like now, in that picture he doesn't even really look like himself
Its like he is wearing Robbie Williams body and hair (though thankfully not face )

I hope he tours.

Ryan Reynolds Reaction GIF
I assume the $24.98 plus $15.99 to ship to Australia is in USD? I can't seem to find a currency viewer on the Rhino site. Can anyone confirm?

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