Revisiting "Your Arsenal" 27 Years On - New Article on Eject Music by Fiona Dodwell

Absolutely. Much of Morrissey's music just hasn't aged well. Everything between 1988 - 1994 will age wonderfully, as will You Are the Quarry, due to its special place in history in Morrissey's back catalog and the wonderful, full, clean production of the great Jerry Finn. But everything since? Some good songs, some bad, but nothing really standout or classic Morrissey.

Morrissey needs to recapture the beauty and simplicity of The Smiths or his earlier solo work.

The departure and apparent falling out with, Steven Street and Alan Whyte...Well....Sad to say, .. things were just not the same .Sad to say .just not same again.....forgive any mispellings and para-phrasing. Those years 88-97 "Golden Lights".
I'll tell you what's going on here. Remember when Boris Johnson was interviewed and he said his favourite hobby was making model London Buses? That was a genius stroke. Because now when someone searches for Boris and Bus they'll get that, rather that the £350 million per week lie on the side of the Brexit bus.

I see this as the same effort to get a different result when you search for Fiona Dodwell and Morrissey. They're not stupid. Just paid to do a job.

Except with Boris, the whole purpose was to create a new "bus" story to supplant the lie about £350m/week. Presumably you think FD's articles are designed to supplant the 'racism' stories in the Google listings? Well, that would only work if FD was producing endless articles containing mentions of 'racism' but with a benign angle. Her articles do nothing to counter The Guardian's best efforts. They exist along side each other (and why on earth would anyone be searching 'Fiona Dodwell'??).

That tin foil hat suits you though.
That relationship was tried, around 2004 I think.

Yes indeed, it was tried.
I also remember Richard Hawley once saying that he would like to write some music with Boz Boorer, but to my knowledge it hasn't happened yet. Still a collaboration that I would be interested in.
My personal favourite album. It's direct and has heavy guitars. I do think everyone shines with Ronson on board. Such a shame the colaboration never continued.

New Article about Moz and his career in the early 90s. Nice to read something actually positive.

Memories of Morrissey: Revisiting 'Your Arsenal' as it Turns 27 - Eject Music
As Morrissey's album, Your Arsenal, turns 27 this week, Fiona Dodwell takes a look at the album and the 1992 era of the music legend's career.
by Fiona Dodwell
fiona dodwell
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