Revisiting "Your Arsenal" 27 Years On - New Article on Eject Music by Fiona Dodwell

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By Anonymous on Jul 26, 2019 at 1:47 PM
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    New Article about Moz and his career in the early 90s. Nice to read something actually positive.

    Memories of Morrissey: Revisiting 'Your Arsenal' as it Turns 27 - Eject Music
    As Morrissey's album, Your Arsenal, turns 27 this week, Fiona Dodwell takes a look at the album and the 1992 era of the music legend's career.
    by Fiona Dodwell
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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Anonymous, Jul 26, 2019.

    1. StalinsPipe

      AD HOM.
    2. Anonymous

      Least you admit it's just cos you don't like dodwell and nothing to do with what she does or doesn't write but, seriously??? I've been a Moz fan for so many years I can't count, and as a fan lately I get so bloody sick and tired of negative press after negative press and so for me personally? I'm glad when someone can be actually assed to defend Moz. Not like many others queue up to do it nowadays right????

      Fans who hate on Sam, Dodwell and the like, I don't get it. Other than I guess most on this site r haters not fans I suppose.
    3. StalinsPipe
      We don't dislike Fiona and Sam for no reason, but because they ultimately fail very badly at their jobs. Sam is a terrible graphics designer and publicist for Morrissey. Look at some of the work he has output. Remember the horrible record sleeves or bad Photoshops he knocked up or THAT terrible Kiss Me A Lot video? As for Fiona, she is just a mouthpiece for Morrissey, who simply writes puff pieces for Morrissey. Even then, those puff pieces are just horribly written and horribly researched (see my previous comment on well known information she gets wrong about the writing and production of Your Arsenal).

      Ultimately, it's sad that Morrissey is surrounding himself with these yes men/women who make him look even worse than he does himself.
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    4. Stephen Hofmann
      Stephen Hofmann
      Seasick, Yet Still's a go-to track for the broken hearted. :guitar:
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    5. Anonymous
      I admit I had a dream once where Mozza had a child with Dodwell and it was born looking like a mini cute Boz Boorer. There's yer random fact of today
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    6. Anonymous
      Is searching for Fiona Rodwell and Morrissey something you do a lot?

      I've always considered you a colossal twat, even when you were the self-proclaimed number one Morrissey fan on the entire site, but now I think that you are also a total mentalist.
    7. Thewlis
      Neil Diamond, Jimmy Nail and Simply Red ;)

      If that were to happen now the lazy former fans on here would say Moz was suffering because of some bad press :)
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    8. Sister I'm a Poet
      Sister I'm a Poet
      There is no purpose in reading anything Fiona Dodwell ever writes. She is not a critic, she is a publicist.

      However, Your Arsenal is arguably Moz's greatest album, so...
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    9. marred
      You guys are too easy :)
    10. Johnnie Ray
      Johnnie Ray
      Good point. The 1991 tour saved Morrissey's career. The fact that Your Arsenal was killer just solidified his standing. Not resting on his laurels, that 1992 tour was massive and probably his most successful one ever. Then for good measure, he switched things up with the outstanding Vauxhall and I in 1994. Now he was untouchable. A legend.
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    11. ThePoliticalRevolution
      I cant imagine what an old cum sock would smell like. Thats not for me.
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    12. The Truth
      The Truth
      Calling her a publicist is generous. He really needs a publicist badly. She's not it. I'm not sure she exists anyway. Probably another Ann Coates.
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    13. Anonymous
      A heart is required. You have none.
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    14. Sister I'm a Poet
      Sister I'm a Poet
      Yeah, but the writing is too bland to be Morrissey's. She's just one of the "sycophantic slags" that he warned us about.
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    15. It'sNotFunnyAnymore
      "YOUR ASS-SENILE" , new article about an old record!
    16. Anonymous
      I don't (enough) care either way but to say she's like the ones he "warned us about" isn't quite it.
      He got her to write his album liner notes and is one of the few who he'll be interviewed by nowadays. Ive said it before and I believe it's true, I think he's been "stabbed in the back so many many times" that he appreciates public support from the likes of SER and dodwell because he obvs trusts them.
      If you can't see why after the media fucktards treatment of him, I'm surprised
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    17. Mrs Viva Hate
      Mrs Viva Hate
      Fiona Dodwell, simply a truly dull writer and blindfolded Morrissey fan. She will faithfully follow her master's voice and jump into the oblivion if necessary. Anything to give herself publicity to help selling her low rated horror and paranormal novels.
    18. KingKongLeer
      It's a reference to World Peace is none of your business.

      But peas doesnt rhyme with peace...peas finishes in a z sound, doesn't it?
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    19. Anonymous
      Only on this "fan site" would people devote time to hating someone for just defending their favourite singer. Y'all are a very strange bunch of fans
      Tho it makes sense, I mean most of u hate the singer so you hardly were gonna like anyone trying to support him

      Strange place this is at times

      I will appreciate Sam and (ex???) Julia and Fiona and anyone who tries to support him because I'm a fan. Drrrrr. Right!!
    20. Anonymous
      She’s only been positive about him though you cock womble.
      Clutching at straws I’m afraid.

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