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Re: More reviews coming in... All very positive!

I cannot recall if it's been posted yet, but I leafed through a magazine called Clash yesterday, hunting for a review, and it received 8.5 / 10. If memory serves me correctly "The new Morrissey album is, in a word, brilliant" was stated, along with the suggestion that it's less immediate than YATQ but every bit as good.
Review of YOR

Its very positive - but I also have found it to be extremely well thought out. Which is probably why this Alex fella (Or lady) doesnt write for Mainstream Media... or do they...

The comments about 'Banal Lyrics' had me thinking "Why the f**k hasnt anybody else said this recently as one of Morrissey's more positive points?

Love or Hate the man he is anything but 'Banal'.


The OFFICIAL YoR Review Thread

seriously, can't we just make one big thread for all the reviews? there are currently so many in GD, and it's annoying me. they should all be merged. :cool:

or at least make a "Bad" review thread and a "Good" review thread?

I'll probably go ignored here with this suggestion, but I thought I'd at least try. :blushing:
Re: The OFFICIAL YoR Review Thread

OK... this is my review:

"me likes". :)

Another positive review from manchester online: seems like most reviews ARE positive except for some of the big newspapers (Times, Guardian, Independent...).

Personally I really like this record, it's got more of an edge than ROTT: YOR - although I'm not really fond of 'Sorry Doesn't Help' - sustains a certain quality, while ROTT really dragged after 'Life Is A Pigsty'.

So: a really good Morrissey album - I've got my tickets for the Antwerp show!
B+ from Entertainment Weekly:,,20258472,00.html

Just give him an A already, sheesh!

''Life is nothing much to lose,'' Morrissey croons early on his ninth solo album, instantly reassuring legions of pompadoured obsessives that His Excellency, the Mope, still hasn't turned his perpetual frown upside down. But shrinking violets should stick to the lyric sheet: Years of Refusal is the former Smiths frontman's hardest-rocking album since 1992's Your Arsenal. It's a surprisingly muscular set of punked-up Britpop, spiked with the singer's still-dripping scorn: ''You don't like me, but you love me/Either way you're wrong.'' B+

Download This: Listen to the song ''Something Is Squeezing My Skull'' on
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A four star review from the Observer which rather reads like it should be lower:

Anyone who posits the idea of Morrissey working with Hot Chip is to be taken with caution.

Oh, I posted it together with another strange review fron the Guardian, where YOR is CD of the week.

Again the reviews are just :eek::crazy: - if YOR is nothing spectacular, in fact "his worse" since maladjusted, and the same record he's been doing for more than 20 years, and still IT'S RECORD OF THE WEEK ans GETS 4 STARS - it can only mean Morrissey is a bloody genius no? or that the guardian music jornalists have lost it. In fact it's probably a combination of both :D
I found this to be a fair review.

"It seems that as artists age they typically become comfortable with the position they are in. We see it all the time with singer-songwriters, such as Bruce Springsteen or Bob Dylan. And this seems to be what the public wants. Occasionally we get David Bowies that are able to constantly change and remain popular, but these are the exceptions. As Morrissey approaches the age of 50, he seems to be falling into such a pattern with his last few albums, and Years of Refusal does little to shake things up. Nevertheless, when an artist has stumbled upon a good formula it's hard to really fault them for exploiting it. On the surface, Morrissey hasn't changed a great deal since his 2004 comeback album, You Are the Quarry. Years of Refusal features the same pleasant yet muscular guitar work, the same mature yet angsty lyrics, and Morrissey's ever constant, rich baritone vocals (with the occasional falsettoed bit thrown in as a reminder of his early days with the Smiths).

Despite the similarities to past work, though, Morrissey's songs and delivery are as vital as ever. That's How People Grow Up and All You Need Is Me already received some exposure as sly inclusions on a recent best of album. While certainly nothing new for the man, these songs are as catchy and intelligent as any of his past singles. The real meat of the album, however, lies elsewhere. Something is Squeezing My Skull is the best opening track that Morrissey's penned in over a decade, and songs like Mama Lay Softly on the Riverbed and One Day Goodbye Will Be Farewell draw the listener in with Morrissey's knack for storytelling and great hook filled vocal lines. There's even a few moments on the album in which Morrissey experiments a bit musically. It's Not Your Birthday Anymore features some electronic percussion and both it and You Were Good in Your Time toy with some atmospheric elements, showing that he hasn't entirely given up on progressing as an artist.

Because the ground it treads is so familiar, Years of Refusal will not be likely to attract new listeners or change the minds of any naysayers. Again, though, this is common and to be expected for long standing singer-songwriters. Considering his nearly 30 year career, one might hope that Morrissey might step out of the box a bit more and do something beyond what he's known for, but Years of Refusal features a batch of songs that's nearly as good as anything he's done, and at the end of the day, it's hard to ask for much more than that." - Kid_Brian_A from Rate Your Music

I think's review is a fair look at the album too.
Although I disagree with the 4 star ratings both the reviewers gave.
The things you find on board of a flight to Brussels.... From Brussels Airlines b.there! magazine

"Morrissey: Years of Refusal

Morrissey - the man who famously sang "Heaven knows I'm miserable now" - has had good reason to be glum over the past 12 months. He spent most of the year in the dog house for a few - well, lets call them injudicious - comments about the state of the UK. But he's looking to put all that behind him with the release of his ninth studio album, Years of Refusal.

Althought the title could be a reference to smiling or cheering up, there are a few sings that we're going to get a new, more chilled-out Morrissey. For one thing, he appears on the cover of the album holding a child without looking like he's going to eat it (sic!). And it looks as if the corners of his mouth are nearly curling up in what might just be Morrissey's attempt at a grin.

And the music? Recored in sunny LA, Years Of Refusal nevertheless contains tracks with names like Something is squeezing my skull, Sorry doesn't help and I'm OK by myself. But desptie the downbeat titles, Morrissey's writing and ear for a melody is as sharp as ever. Heaven knows, he might even have reason to be satisfied!"
Last night I saw one in People Magazine, of all places. They gave it 3.5/4 stars and the critic's choice award.
A very positive review from Billboard magazine:



NEW YORK (Billboard) – Morrissey is no stranger to the artful expression of frustration, but here he blows off steam with an unusually high level of rock intensity. At times reminiscent of 1992's "Your Arsenal" and 2004's "You Are the Quarry," the latter also produced by the late Jerry Finn, "Years of Refusal" is full of satisfying attitude, from the driving distortion of "Something Is Squeezing My Skull" to the confident swing of "All You Need Is Me." But as with much of Morrissey's work, there is a deceptively joyful energy in the music itself, especially present in songs like first single "I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris," which is almost pastoral in its resignation that "only stone and steel accept my love." Though a few tracks, like "That's How People Grow Up," fall back on overused Morrissey formulas, others add welcome variety, among them the Latin-tinged "When Last I Saw Carol".
I bring you more reviews and it's all good :)

PopMatters - 7/10 and a very positive and interesting review imo

Critics choice in the NY Times

Morrissey's 'Years' is worth the wait - Boston Globe

LA Times - 3/4 and a good review :D

Newsday NY - grade B+,0,5615637.column
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