Resurfaced Support Acts Compilation


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After frequenting Morrissey-solo for some years using the same name, goinghome, I took a break for a while. Since I returned, I wondered what happened to a project that took up quite a bit of my time and that focused on documenting Morrissey support acts, with input from other contributors.

I found it on a sister site, set up as a parallel option in about 2010 or 2011 by somebody who also used to be a M-solo member. It was called All You Need Is Morrissey, and was hosted on a different platform, called tapatalk. That is where I discovered my archive skulking!

I used to depend a fair bit on Myspace, predecessor of YouTube, which was big at the time, of which legible traces remain.

I'll ask Famous When Dead to add this to what's already done on support acts at the M-solo wiki page as well.
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