Rest in Peace Smiths Bootleg

Johnny Tapia

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Just picked up the aforementioned bootleg, complete with insert, mint condition - appears to be French. Can anyone shed any light on value / rarity?
It's black vinyl
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Sold mine on Discogs before they banned it. Couldn't have been more than $40 USD. Black vinyl release as well. Seems to be trending around 20 quid based on recent Popsike solds:


Eustace Walks

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Screen Shot 2020-06-10 at 18.48.15.png

On Discogs, adding a marketplace-banned item to your collection shows you the value it held when it was last able to be sold. Here's the black copy of "Rest in Peace" for you :)

Eustace Walks

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supposedly only 300 issued but also available in 4 or 5 different colored vinyl besides black

In addition to the black, Discogs only has the red vinyl version at the moment. Interestingly, that variant hasn't been banned yet, so there are a few copies for sale I think :)
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