Research shows that seeing meat makes people less aggressive

Gregor Samsa

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Indeed. And that bears no comparison to the industrialized slaughter and suffering inflicted upon animals in the "developed" world..

My point exactly.

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You sad sod.

Those "poor" farmers doesn't have to eat meat. No one does. A creature of normal human intelligence will always have an option. Always.

No, they don't have to eat meat. But they do have to have jobs for a living. They could be lucky & find oil if that hadn't happened already.

cornelius blaze

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I could murder that cake

well that makes me a serial killer on the cake front!

I like garlic bread...anyone up for some garlic bread?

I like garlic bread. We some @ Blaze Mansions on Friday. look @ this & feel less aggressive:

Also, my research shows that seeing bowls of ice cream and puppy dogs makes people less aggressive. Which is really girly.



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Mmm, yeh that's why when I'm having a bad day I roam the streets with
an axe. When I'm having a good day I just carry a little box cutter in
my handbag, don't you know!:guitar:


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*raises hand to volunteer for cornelius's aggression study*
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