Rescued interviews from - Alain, Spike, Spencer, support bands et al (circa 1999-2002)

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Using Wayback, the following interviews are available to look over for posterity.
Feature Story.

Over the past three years of our existence we've been writing feature stories. These are interviews and behind the scenes information exclusive to MorrisseyTour. It's our hope that these feature stories give some sort of insight to the man himself, Morrissey as well as those who work with him.

Interview with Simon Goddard [read more]
Simon Goddard is the author "The Smiths, The Songs that Saved Your Life." He was kind enough to grant us an interview to talk about his book.

The Year in Morrissey: 2002 [read more]
2002 was an exciting and eclectic year for Morrissey fans. Join us as we take a look at The Year In Morrsisey: 2002
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Interview with King Cheetah [read more]
We sit down and talk to the guys in Morrissey's opening band, King Cheetah.

Alain Whyte and Crash Action [read more]
"The Nicest Guy in the World" is branching out. MorrisseyTour talks to Alain Whyte and his new project, Crash Action

South America: Behind the Scenes [read more]
It was a once in a lifetime opportunity: to go behind the scenes of a Morrissey show – and in South America no less! Enduring an extremely rigorous schedule we travel, eat and fly with the Morrissey crew.

Interview with Alain Whyte [read more]
At the end of the 1999 Oye Esteban tour we submitted the mother of all questionnaires to guitarist Alain Whyte. He kindly answered every question. If there's anything we've learned it's that Alain Whyte is the nicest guy in the world.

Interview with Spike T. Smith, part 1 [read more]
During the 1999 Oye Esteban tour while we were in London for the four Forum shows in Kentish town we interviewed new drummer Spike T. Smith in a pub in Chelsea.

Interview with Spencer Cobrin [read more]
Spencer James Cobrin began drumming for Morrissey during the 1991 Kill Uncle tour. In 1998 he left Moz's crew and started his own band in New York. In July 2000 we sat down to interview him after a show he performed in New York's legendary CBGB's.

Interview with the Opening Bands [read more]
What do Sack, The Sheila Devine, Phantom Planet, Elcka have in common? They all opened for Morrissey and they all sat down and talked with us.

We [heart] Sack: [read more]
As the 1999 Oye Esteban tour kicked off in Europe we got to know and love Morrissey's opening band, Sack. Read why we love them and why you should love them too!

Interview with Spike T. Smith, part 2 [read more]
It had been over a year since the tour. Drummer Spike T. Smith answer some questions from his fans and gives us his reflections about the 1999 and 2000 tours.


(The Alain ones have featured elsewhere).
Thanks for this. I missed a lot of these. A bit sad to read Spike was hoping to record with Morrissey but unfortunately much like some others, he joined in a wilderness period where new albums were not on the horizon.
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