Request: Rare Smiths Mixes

Hi all, I'm trying to fill some gaps in my collection, and there are just three versions of Smiths songs I'm missing (according to passionsjustlikemine). I've been through the NHS, Extra Track and Smithstorrents and can't find them on there. Would be really grateful if anyone does have them.

* The Queen Is Dead
edit without intro {6:06}• UK cd-single #1 and Europe cd-single re-release of "How Soon Is Now?"
(looks like this was re-released on the TQID 12" single in 2017)

* Stop Me If You Think You've Heard This One Before
single version {3:32}• Europe edition (slightly different mix with different tambourine treatment and louder vox)
(is this really a different mix? I can't find a reference to it anywhere else)

* Meat Is Murder live Oxford 18 March 1985 {5:34}
• "Animal Liberation" compilation LP (with 20 extra seconds of crowd noise)
(it's possible I have this, because the version in the "Singles" box-set from 2008 is 5:48 - still not quite the stated extra 20 seconds, though)

Thank you!

Famous when dead

Right, MIM Animal Lib "version" is just an unfaded cut of the FM broadcast via the TD - this was the source and then faded by the record company (and not faded as soon by the Animal Lib producers).
The part you refer to is the heavy clapping at the end that Stephane suggests as about 20 seconds long. Unfortunately, taking anything to do with vinyl & running times too seriously will always lead to rabbit holes & frustration. People have previously relied on recorded running times via fast-running turntables and it just confuses the hell out of everyone - made worse when things are taken as definitives.
If you have the Oxford TD or the (possibly better) satellite or even FM broadcast - you have the source of this recording. The track you require hasn't been shared in FLAC on this site, but here's the MP3 version to see the ending - 100% the version you refer to and luckily has a running time reference:


I've not been fussed about it as the TD & various boot-forms of it sit in my storage, but whilst you look, the MP3 should help (it's not this version that's included on Singles).
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