Request - I Was Morrissey's Drummer/ Rubber Ring's 'You are sleeping...'

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Hi guys, Just wondering if someone could post or direct me to the links for that Andrew Paresi BBC show and to the original recording of that sample used at the end on Rubber ring.

Thanks a lot.
where did you find that demo of rubber ring? it was wonderful.

i have never heard or heard of that...

has it been posted on here before???

Here's the original sample in a mix of Swedish and German:

Here's the translation in English (the one that Moz chose for Rubber Ring):

It was taken from the Vynil EP distributed with the 1971 book "Breakthrough: An Amazing Experiment In Electronic Communication With The Dead". The samples are in Side One.


Thank you very much, ALex. I downloaded the files.

I was after the whole thing, found it here if anyone else is interested:
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