Request: I’m Not A Dog On A Chain pre-release / leaked


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Hello my M. Friends,

I’ve seen in Instagram that some people got their I’m Not A Dog On A Chain copy before :( Anyone here for a Vinyl RIP or something like that?

Cariños desde Chile


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nah,spoils it.iv listened to leaks in the past going back to ringleader,think I will wait this time.


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The ROTT leak was horrible quality. I think Amazon was allowing people who had preordered it to stream it, a couple of weeks before it’s release. And someone on here managed to rip the audio.


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I stopped caring about leaks ten years ago. If I plan on buying it I'm going to wait.
well said.if someone has already preordered it then wait for the postman to deliver it and hear it in its best form the way it was intended to be heard.
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