Request: Dear God Please Help Me (full strings version)


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Hi guys,

would anyone have the full strings/orchestral version of Morrissey's song, from 'Ringleader of the Tormentors' - "Dear God Please Help Me" ? As it has been recently taken down from YouTube and I am unable to find it anywhere...

If so, please link it to me, I would appreciate it as the song with the full strings is so beautiful. :)

EDIT: None of the links I have found on the internet/this forum work, as they are from 2009 and earlier.


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Here you go:
This was a great fan made mix using the extra string sections on the DVD.
I didn't have time to dig out Deanadshead's mp3, but then remembered it was also in the NHS collection (#16).
All credit to Deanadshead & Skylarker.
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