Req: Satan and Roy's Keen Radio Edits


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Would some kind soul please upload the edited versions of Satan Rejected My Soul and Roy's Keen?

Thank you in anticipation.


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I'm still looking for these, please can someone help?



I think the Boy Racer is from the US promo CD and Roy's Keen from an advance in-house CD-R.


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Mikael, you're right about the Boy Racer. I pulled out my CDs, and I have a 3:56 "Radio Edit" and "Radio Fade" version on the CD-R promos and 4:10 "Fade" version on the pressed CD promos. The Satan CD-R promo and pressed promos all have the same 2:56 version. I don't have a Roys Keen CD-R promo but the pressed promo is 3:34 compared to the 3:36 from the CD single. When you get into in-house promos there could be any version, including alternate mixes or edits so anything is possible there.


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Thanks a heap.
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