req: lou reed sings velvet underground tracks


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could anyone be so kind to upload these tracks? via soundboard quality or fm or tv
all tomorrows parties
suunday morning
venus in furs
ill be your mirror
pale blue

also looking for good live versions of perfect day (pre 2001, when lou sang it) & wild child. :)
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Lou Reed - It's Nicer In The Dark

Brussels, Belgium. May 1974 (Belgian Television Broadcast)

2.Sweet Jane.
3.I'm waiting for the man.
4.Lady day.
6.Sally can't dance. ( F word bleeped out )
7.Ride Sally ride

- could be a good place to start


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yeah it would be if it was in a zip non rapidshare, unluckily non work for me lol thanks ill keep searching. probably end up ripping stuff off youtube.

here's a good boot i got some tracks off

Lou Reed January 27th, 1973, Alice Tully Hall, New York City, NY
ARTIST: Lou Reed
TITLE: Out of the Underground
DATE: January 27th, 1973
VENUE: Alice Tully Hall
LOCATION: New York City, NY
ARTWORK: Included (Original "The Phantom of Rock" artwork & new original "Out of the Underground" artwork)

01. White Light/White Heat
02. Wagon Wheel
03. I'm Waiting For The Man
04. Walk and Talk It
05. Sweet Jane
06. New Age
07. Vicious
08. I Can't Stand It
09. Satellite of Love
10. Heroin
11. I'm So Free
12. Walk on the Walk Side
13. Rock & Roll
14. Sister Ray

This show needed a fair amount of work, mostly due to tape deterioration and/or multiple transfers. The frequency response needed to be adjusted moderately. Due to tape transfers, bad storage/tape, etc, a fair amount of low and high-end frequency loss has occured. I made a few level cuts and boosts in sections of the recording where the levels apruptly increase and decrease. There are drop-outs here and there that have been corrected where possible. It's worth noting that New Age (track 6) has a fairly significant cut about half way through thr song. There is then a few seconds of silence. This silence has been removed. Enjoy the show, now more enjoyable with the layer of mude gone!
alt. Link=

also you can stream some gig here, quality varies but all you have to do is sign up your email and there's loads of other gigs you can listen to:
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