Req: Lifeguard On Duty & Happy Lovers United MP3

Stoked to have this! thank you very much!

Always in the hunt for a great quality recording of BTH or STWAD...when I get home i'll hurry to listen to the 'new' songs!
oh wow. thanks so much!
would be great if someone could do a re-rip of striptease, without the skip, but otherwise GREAT GREAT GREAT, can't wait to hear it!!!!!
I thought we allready had this version of Striptease in great quality?

The new songs are superb, lifeguard is stuck in my head instantly. The crystal version of BTH is a lovely unexpected bonus too

Thank you very, very, very much for taking the time and money to do this :D
Thank you very much motorways. :D
I'd give you my left nut.
If you required it.
Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Please Help the Cause Against the Loneliness without Sandie Shaw, much as I love her, is brilliant. Her backing vocals grate after a while, don't they?
Better late than never. Thanks a lot for sharing Motorways, since not many people are willing to do it. Its nice to listen to sweet old 90s Moz, instead of the rocky one we have now. Those were the days...

Thanks again from the heart of my bottom...or maybe the other way around.

Thanks ,:p
Hand in hand, all is planned
With the silent glimpse
I believe that only lovers share
And I'm proud to have done something good for once
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