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Can anyone help me out with these ...?

1) XFM Special (Interview + V Festival) - SUPERB quality digital recording wanted, not download;

2) CD or DVD of the last night at the London Palladium;

3) Any SUPERB sound quality show from the Spring tour that includes
"Trouble Loves Me";

4) Any SUPERB sound quality show from the Autumn tour that includes both "William" AND "I've Changed My Plea To Guilty"

Please, I am only interested in recordings where the sound quality is genuinely PRETTY DAMNED CLOSE TO PERFECTION! Ideally sourced from DAT or MD, or at a pinch MP3 so long as it's 256kbps or above!

I have loads of EARLY Moz solo gigs, YATQ Tour/Meltdown Shows to trade (plus other artists - Sparks, Bowie, etc) so please please please e-mail me your Wants! :)

Thank you, friends. [E-mail: [email protected]]
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