Req: 1997 Tour Soundboard Recordings


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Hi folks, does anybody have soundboard recordings/radio broadcoasts of ANY show(s) from Morrissey's 1997 tour. I used to have one rather fantastic show which now seems to have disappeared from my collection somehow.

Any assistance will of course be eternally appreciated.

Many thanks!


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The only ones I'm aware of are:

1) the KROQ (Los Angeles radio station) sessions w/ 5 or 6 songs;
2) an 8 minute snippet of a SBD recording from a concert in Florida (which I don't have) and
3) The audio feed from the in-house video of the gig on 12 Oct 97 in Los Angeles (sounds like an IEM or ALD source by way of comparison)

I'm sure there are others. I, too, would love to see them surface.

#3 is currently available on I can post #1 over there if there's interest.

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Thanks El Manzo.. they are great. Do you have the rest of that show? I'd love to hear it all.
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