Remembering 'Why'

In the few times I post on here, my content is often negative, my ire aimed towards Moz's declining quality of output. It winds up the blind sheep so I keep it to myself mostly.

On Saturday however, I attended the Salford Lads Club open day and photoshoot with Stephen Wright after having shown my face at Dickie's book launch at the Ruby.

I was speaking to Stephen and to Leslie from the club for quite a while and in doing so, I remembered why I'd fallen in love with the sound of the Smiths and latterly, Moz in the first place. Morrissey's unrivalled ability, for me, was to really, really reach and hold people's souls, as if he'd been there sat next to you, in your darkest hours, weekly.

The original music provided the vehicle that carried that empathy and sympathy into the listener's heart. The people profoundly affected by this to this day, were at the Lads club on Saturday and they were a joy to behold. Some perhaps, had their identities sooo wrapped up in Morrissey's that perhaps it could be viewed as tragic and sad but nevertheless, they were a lovely bunch of people, unbelieveably polite and in their many and varied ways, very beautiful.

I loved the spirit of being in their company, overhearing conversation and witnessing the outpouring of gratitude they had towards Moz. For some, it was the mecca at the end of an incredible journey and personal financial sacrifice that brought people from California, Mexico and Cuba amongst others.

I didn't follow them on to the Moz bus. Being from round here, I'm very familiar with the namechecks. I also didn't follow them to the apollo. The thrill of seeing the performer has long since gone thanks to a combination of life progressing onwards and to every album since Vauxhall; but the people who devotedly live his words, make their pilgrimages and take on his image reminded me of the intesity of being a hardcore fan back in the day, and what a wonderful memory it was.

It reminded me of how it felt back in the day and how much power and influence Morrissey's work can have when you've lived the life he writes about. Everyone at the Salford Lads Club looked so happy and I was so happy for them. I hope they had the time of their lives.

That's all.


i was reading your powerfull words while a was listening to "Tutta la bellezza dell'istinto materno degli animali" (all the beauty of the animals' maternal instinct) by an italian singer Moltheni. they really work together.

your words hit me since I'm probably living something similar for another band. the band that changed my life when i was 13: R.E.M.
I've travelled all around europe 30 times for seeing them. half of my young life. now something has changed. maybe, MAYBE, i'm just starting realizing what you already know
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