REM Ticket - Hollywood Bowl. Right now.


REM - Hollywood Bowl review

Unfortunately missed The National because I didn't leave while my flake friend kept me on the phone, but I realize that's my fault.

Modest Mouse looked surprisingly casual. Their sound always made me think their style was neo-goth or something. Johnny Marr was casual in his own way, which still looked undeniably stylish (dark blue tapered jeans, navy blue long sleeve shirt and clean white sneakers). Anyway, the music... Johnny was good... I'm just not sure it's all the right fit for him. He definitely brings a great sound to the band.

As night fell, REM took to the stage. They had an awesome presence and totally on top of their game, rockin' out. Played some great stuff from the past as well as more recent stuff (including new album tracks)... Electrolite, Fall on Me, What's the Frequency Kenneth, I've Been High, Man on the Moon, Losing My Religion. The encore included The One I Love (awwwesome!).
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cool I'm going to the Chicago show tonight.. last night in Minn Johnny played with REM on fall on me :guitar:
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