Rehearsal image shared (September 19, 2022)


Brendan joined them on September 20th.

See also:
IG images from Jesse, Juan & Donnie.
Morrissey you should not use the same background pics you had at las Vegas. At least. Do not repeat the in USA.
Nothing is done on accident. Especially if something you are responsible for could be something Moz doesn’t approve of.

That set list could have easily been moved, but instead of the band’s set up being the focus, that piece of paper sits on a table like a well-placed Easter egg from a Kubrick movie.

It‘s to drum up talk and excitement for the upcoming dates.

-I‘m not paranoid, I’m just convinced people have less and less good in them
God, I wish I cared.
People cannot wait to be disappointed. It's almost as if not being disappointed is disappointing in itself.
Complaining about having nothing to complain about.
Funnily enough this popped up on my Facebook memories today, which he said was possibly his last UK appearance at Hammersmith in September 2015.

TQID would be too tempting of an opportunity to make sure everyone knew he’s landed here…. It’s practically publicity doused in moonshine for the Daily Snail and Never Musicial Expression
I can make out some of the songs listed.
1. The Queen Is Dead (?)
2. We Hate It When Our Friends Become Successful
3. Black Cloud (?)
4. Knockabout World
5. Billy Budd
6. ?
7. I [...] the [...] (not sure)
8. ? - it's a long one though, any guesses?
9. ? - covered by cable
10. First of the Gang to Die (?)
11. Everyday Is Like Sunday
12. I Live In Oblivion
13. Half A Person
14. I Am Veronica
15. I Am.... - any guesses to what the rest is? (7 words)
16. The Loop
17. Sure Enough, The Telephone Rings
18. Jack The Ripper
19. Irish Blood, English Heart

Seems very similar to Vegas, but the ones I couldn't make out might be exclusives to this tour.
Your gonna miss me when I'm gone
I know Muhrikey and Alain are American now, but.. when Young Yank here takes snaps... of the gift shop, is that the precise moment Alain remembers... that...
...he wasn't actually born in Palm Springs, and he isn't taking his youngest on his first Tour of Europe?

...Did he buy him the huge pint -shaped hat, in the end...
Will he let him wear it on the flight back...

Alain has the look of someone already worrying about getting nice donkey cart postcards... :(
TQID would be too tempting of an opportunity to make sure everyone knew he’s landed here…. It’s practically publicity doused in moonshine for the Daily Snail and Never Musicial Expression

If he played TQID, it would probably weed out some faux-fans. I'd like to see it. Give the people something to talk about.
Over in Killarney, many years ago
My mother sang a song to Wild T, in tones so soft and low

That's an Turkey lullaby

Best 'o luck with the new shows!
Wait and see!
Could be a swerve. Post a setlist similar to Vegas but then play a very different show. Hopefully?
I thought this same thing, also. When was the last time you saw a set-list that didn’t have the names of the songs shortened? But then I thought, it looks like it was invented for the (soundboard?) person, so maybe he/she needs the entire name of the song.
Morrissey tours = complaint. Morrissey will cancel=photo of band practice/complaint. Now we see the set list=complaint. I have learned you can never please everyone. Go, don't go just please stop complaining every time he does something. I am thankful he still tours, releases new music and continues to inspire.
The best take away from this entire thread.

Went to the castle and kissed the Blarney
Moseyed 'round the park in Killarney
Held the claw of sweet Emma O'Carney
The rovin' Wild Turkey!




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