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“I had booked Windmill Lane Studios in Dublin … I had booked the band, and Tony Visconti … and suddenly a message came through to have dinner with Prince that very night at The Clarence in Dublin. I couldn’t go. I felt sick. It was my only chance. I thought I’d have another … but so soon the living are dead. Prince … I am so sorry.”

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Prince played Dublin in June 92, March 95, and October 2002. (Of course it needn't necessarily have been tied to a tour date, but seems more likely?)
Mid 90's is looking close. around 2005 asserts similar rumours.
What year would that have been?
I know there were rumours of Moz and Prince working together in 1992.

don’t know. I do remember at the time a rumor mention in the NME, and thought it was just that or a joke. Surprised he didn’t put this in Autobiography. Ah, what could have been…

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was mentioned on here a long time ago,it was down to prince being vegan as well.
In 2011 they played Dublin on back to back dates and then both were at Hop Farm Festival as the Saturday and Sunday headliners. I attended their HF shows.
I miss Prince, he was amazing, put out so much music, such a talented person.
He played with Tom Petty, Jeff Lynne and Steve Winwood on a version of While my guitar gently weeps for a George Harrison tribute show, on that stage full of stars he showed them all how its done, God bless you Prince.
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