"Refuse" by Elliot DeLine, new book includes many Morrissey/Smiths references

Elliot sends the link and writes:

"Refuse" by Elliott DeLine - Smashwords

...I would love a readership of Morrissey fans- so far I've mostly reached the transgender community. However, more than anything else, the book is about a boy's love for Morrissey and his life's work. I think it would appeal to many people who love him as well.​


‘All writers are born in the wrong body, but it happens to be the reader’s good fortune that Elliott DeLine was literally born in the wrong body – even if he would never use a tacky tranny cliché like that. Refuse is a stunning debut “novoir” about an over-observant young outsider with really great hair who is outside everything – including the transgender community – but keeps a great deal bottled up inside. Funny, cynical, tough, vulnerable, honest, deluded, sagacious, self-loving and self-loathing, Refuse is irresistible.’ -Mark Simpson, author of Saint Morrissey

Dean, a 22 year old female-to-male transsexual, is everything that activists have tried to prove transgender people are not. Unemployed, self-absorbed, depressed, and still living in the upstairs bedroom of his parents’ house, he decides to document his would-be relationship with his college roommate, another FTM, Colin Mahr. He sets out to write a vengeful memoir- what he ends up with is a literary masterpiece.

'Refuse' stands apart from the feel-good transgender memoirs and the fiction about trans people written by non-trans authors. It is an honest, human story, and will undoubtedly appeal to your excellent taste.

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Can we please stop stealing Morrissey's image/poses? Surely you have at least one original thought/pose?


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Nope, not one actually!

But point taken. Morrissey personally would never steal images/poses/hairstyles/direct quotations from other people.


This book looks brilliant. I'm going to download it now.

The accompanying video on the website is haunting. In fact, it's what sealed the deal in terms of purchasing it. I know book publishers/authors have to engage with different types of marketing these days and I wanted to say that I thought the YouTube clip was an excellent video blurb.

murder and desire

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lagomorph, the trouble is you are not Morrissey just another person using him to further yourself. I hope the books does well (I mean that) BUT I have to say as much as you try to look like Moz you look nothing like him. I could say whom you o look like but that would be unkind


This book is appropriately named. I would be throwing it into my refuse pile if it came within a 20 metre radius of me.


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You guys are all incredibly funny. Well done. If you actually gave the book a chance, you’d see how central the Morrissey-imitation is for the development of the protagonist’s identity (just like imitation was integral to Morrissey’s development as an artist). You’d also see how isolated he feels and how the music of Morrissey is one of the few things he relates to. These are powerful parts of an expertly written story. They reminded me of why I started listening to The Smiths in the first place. Yeah, it sucks to have to share Morrissey, but some people are inspired by his work to do more than make cynical comments on a Morrissey forum, they actually make brilliant works of art. Anyway, if you’re not interested in reading the book, why say anything at all? Is it really necessary to censure the author?

lagomorph (Elliott)

Thank you to David* (for posting), and to aemongalatea and georgeallenj for such kind words.

murder and desire: First, thank you for wishing me success. I'd also like to address what you said: I didn't realize there was a "problem"...I feel this implies that I am less of a human/artist than Morrissey and exempt from engaging in blatant imitation and exhibition of hero worship. There's a book called "The Anxiety of Influence" by Harold Bloom. It's about poetry and a bit antiquated, but it helped me address the "problem" that I believe you are referring to (the fact that I am not Morrissey). Trust me, I've hated myself for wanting to be. He's a sticky one though, isn't he? However, I do like having a quiff--it's like a substitute penis to stroke, one might say. But the picture is an unflattering one, I'm starting to believe. I'd like to thank you for the constructive criticism. I've made a new cover without a photo to spare future people.

*David, kindly take down the photo and video if you should read this.

Anonymous: As for the fact that Refuse is refuse, I'm so glad you picked up on my very very complex pun! I'd be honored if you bought a copy and threw it out. However, as of now I just have it available as an ebook, so I'd be sad for you to lose your computer or e-reader device. You can choose the price though, buy it for a penny, and drag the PDF to your recycle bin (if you have a mac).

Though debating would be fun, for personal reasons this will be my last time visiting this thread. So good bye to you all, unless we cross paths again on the web.


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