Reel Around The Fountain - The Smiths On Tour 1984

I have just uploaded this rarely seen footage of The Smiths on tour.
It was filmed at the Sheffield City Hall on 19th March 1984 and includes several minutes of backstage footage.
The quality is not brilliant but it is still very watchable.

As ever, those who have seen this before please feel free to ignore this post.
Those who haven't, I hope you enjoy watching these clips.



Another video uploaded by I.R.:

The Smiths - Live at Brixton Ace, London - June 1983
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Brilliant clips. I was just watching VH1's "7 Ages of Rock" last night with The Smiths' footage in Part 7 and was thinking, who owns that backstage Smiths footage and why isn't it out now. Glad to see a lot of it here. Priceless footage.
if only he sung these songs now days =( M must has tons of live Smiths' footage but i'm sure we'll never see the light because of one person...JOYCE =(
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