red lightning


ive taken still pictures of my favorite bands shows sinse i was 16 and that was 30 years ago, so when video started, and was perfected, i stayed in touch.
i recorded this whole evening on video, including two sound checks. and ive needed to get this off my chest for yall to see. as far as i know there was no other full RED LIGHTNING concert recording, at all, youll get full audio and for your pleasure

if the videos are too slow uploading, just double click the video to get you to youtube. seems all these videos together slows each other down

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Mozz Loverboy
Please Drifter!!!
You'll make me happy if you share this!!! :)

I love Red lightning..I love Alain!!

Thank you again!!


Bluff, Ardour & Assoc.
<nods head in silent gratitude> I thought I would NEVER see any of the rest of this. Thank you VERY much drifter!

Watching this, it's a shame this venture never properly took off. I was thinking how the sheer fun of it comes across from John Dimambro and Milo Todesco. They didn't have Morrissey royalties to fall back on so the commitment they gave to Red Lightning is admirable. That EP will always be one of my favorites.

Glad to see someone was thoughtful enough to digitally record more than the random performances of Bigmouth Strikes Again for posterity! Can't wait to see more. Now it begs the question: does someone somewhere out there have the full Motivators Spitz concert?

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