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I've always liked Mark Kozelek best in RHP, though he's got some great solo moments

and Sun Kil Moon (a terrible name) is almost as good as RHP - especially 'Carry Me, Ohio'

sadly, most people will never hear of him or his music until he's no longer with us...
I have a love/hate relationship with Kozelek and the RHP/SKM

his stuff is either really great or really boring to me.

Songs for a blue guitar, Old ramon, April = all terrific albums I enjoy from start to finish

Rollercoaster, Ocean beach, Ghosts of the great highway, Admiral fell promises = overall decent albums that tend to meander and inch along at a painfully slow pace

each of the latter albums I mentioned boast some really amazing songs in their own right: Carry me ohio, Drop, San geronimo, Grace cathedral park, Katy song, et al.

So my fandom consists of downloading each release he puts out and committing to buying it if I find at least half of it worthwhile
his fans tend to either love or hate Tiny Cities. I find parts of it engaging and other parts as bland as watching paint dry, in point, I guess

Old Ramon takes time to grow on you but once it does, it's a burner. That John Denver tribute song on there (Golden-something, I can't quite recall) is so good it aches every time I hear it

April is the same as Old Ramon. Give it time and it sorts itself out to the point where it's an obvious career highlight. Much better overall than GOTGH, in my opinion


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Kozelek is right up there next to Moz, Ian Curtis and Elvis for me. I'll take him in any incarnation - RHP, SKM or solo.

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Katy Song has a special place in my heart.
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