everyday bundle pre order

Mine has arrived have to wait till tuesday night to open it.....:confused:
Cheers Moz
Re: ooops

Yes, mine was regarding Bona Drag too.


I received this email too,

I am confused or I missed something because never read Bona Drag edition has signed copies too :confused:

Asked friends who have ordered it too, and their email does not mention the magic word "SIGNED" they just have the message about the shipping.

So stretch out and wait is the perfect song at the moment I think :rolleyes:
I live in South Carolina and still haven't received mine.:eek:
got mine. no signed photo. bummer.
Got mine today. No luck, but I'm still glad I ordered it. It's a very nice package.
Just got back home and yes, I have got a signed print and , mind you, I only preordered the bundle a few days before its official release :thumb:
Cheers Moz
didn't arrive with today's mail.
maybe... tomorrow.
Just noticed on EBay a signed print selling for £ 130....Money,money,money:mad::mad::mad:
Cheers Moz
Fingers crossed for everyone still waiting for the EDILS bundle! :)
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my bundle came today in California. No autograph, but never the less I was impress with recordstore packaging of the bundle.
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