Record stores in London


I'm going to travel to London next week and I'm looking for some record stores where you can buy some morrissey and smiths stuff, especially vinyl . So can anyone name some nice addresses?


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VinylExchange in Camden Town & Notting Hill Gate. There is another one (Vinylexchange) in Soho but (at least during my time in London) it is not as good as the other two. Enjoy, I loved going there and I miss it a lot...
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Rat Records In Camberwell Is Good He Has Some Rare Morrissey Promo CD's At 7 Quid A Go. There Is Also A Music And Video Exchange In Greenwich Which Is Well Stocked On Moz/Smiths I Don't Know. Another One Which Is Pretty Much Vinyl Only Is The Record Shop On Lee High Road. Hope This Helps


Sister Ray records, Reckless records and Music and Video exchange, all on Berwick street in Soho.
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