Record Store Day 2024: "Interlude" limited edition gold vinyl released today (April 20, 2024)

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(Credit: FWD's copy).

First released as a 7", 12", Cassette and CD: August 8, 1994 and charting in the UK at number 25.
There is no matrix message on the gold vinyl.
Colourised art credit given to Esteban and (Darren) Evans.
Original sleeve credits were given to:
Sleeve: Whores In Retirement
Layout: Green Ink
Front cover photo: Roger Mayne
Photo used:
The "Girl Jiving" (1957) by Roger Mayne.
(Also known as: "Girl Jiving, Southam Street").
It was later used in a colourised form as a tour backdrop and first observed at Vicar Street, Dublin during Bonfire Of Teenagers (July 15, 2023).

The subject of the image was Eileen Sheekey:


(Credit: @davidt / @Kewpie via Peter / - 2009)

Approximately one month after the usage of said image, it was an industry rumour that Interlude would be the 2024 Record Store Day release.
There are conflicting reports as to the amount made for RSD coupled with reported regional supply issues, but previous RSDs have been circa 3000-5000 copies.

The original release:


(Credit: Vulgar Picture via Wayback).

Colourised backdrop:
("File:Girl Jiving ( Eileen Sheekey ) colored by Janay Miranda - Brazil.png" / Wikipedia).


(Credit: Pinterest).

Original labels:

R-492783-1416788963-4886 (1) (1).jpg
R-492783-1416788963-8234 (1) (1) (1).jpg

(Credit: Discogs).

Initial reports at the time suggested that Morrissey and Siouxsie had recorded Timi's "Hurt". It is unknown if it was ever recorded or was just misreported.


(Credit: Melody Maker, September 1993 via mdmarchive).

Georges Delerue and Hal Shaper's song featured in the film of the same name: Interlude (1968).


Original Timi version:

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It's two people with zero chemistry singing a love song (and from what we've heard, didn't even like each other)... and that's how it sounds. It's one of those things where I wanted to like it more but just couldn't, and this was at a time when I loved everything he did. Surely there could have been a better song to duet on.

I don’t think they sung it together (at the same time). I could be wrong, don’t mind being corrected if anyone knows how it was recorded.

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