Recession Beating: Britain's Cheapest Brothel


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Sorry if this is old but it's awesome
THIS is Britain’s cheapest brothel with hookers offering sex for as little as ONE CIGARETTE. The cat house was raided by cops after one satisfied customer boasted to an undercover police woman how cheaply he got his rocks off.
Officers swooped on the knocking shop, which masqueraded as a massage parlour, called Lush Lasses, and unearthed a seedy world of cut-price romping.
The hookers had a price list on the wall which staggered even the most experienced of officers. It offered a HAND JOB for an unbelievable THREE DRAGS of a tab, a BLOW JOB for HALF A FAG and FULL SEX for the amazing price of ONE CIGARETTE.
The prostitutes, who called themselves Poundland Pussies, operated their cut-price whorehouse in Litherland, Merseyside.
And in court this week, Litherland magistrates were told how the horny mothers would sell sex to mucky Liverpudlians for peanuts.
David Robespierre for the prosecution, said: “These strumpets would hawk their vaginal wares for next to nothing.
“They would service men for the drag of a cigarette, pleasure males for £1 and even perform disgusting sex acts for chocolate buttons.”
He added: “There was one example of a woman who allowed herself to be digitally penetrated for a mere Rizla paper.
“And another case of a woman being sodomised for a Cuban cigar. The depths these women had sunk to are beyond comprehension.”
Arthur Peasegood, who lived across the road from the brothel, told how men would enter the premises morning, noon and night carrying boxes of 200 cigarettes.
Racket He said: “At first I thought there was a cigarette smuggling racket going on, so I went to have a closer look.
“Inside the place was like a Victorian opium den heavily laden with smoke and the smell of sex.” After the two-day hearing, hookers Gina Woods, 47, Sheila Johnson, 45, Brenda Halliday, 50, and Dawn Thealis, 42, were all found guilty of running a brothel and fined £250 plus costs.*
*250 fags.




That is just so funny.

What a bunch of hunnies!!Pure class.


The fact the brothel was based in Liverpool is interesting.:rolleyes:

We get classy pro's in Norfolk.Not mingers like that.:D


one can only imagine the sort of woman from norfolk:crazy::barf:

Not being a prozzie myself I shouldn't really comment....but I'll have you know we Norfolk girls will do anything for a tractor ride or an ice cream off the pier.:D

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Have you not heard of The Daily Sport before?
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