Rebels Without Applause released as a single track - initially on some region's YT, now to buy & stream (November 24, 2022)

UPDATE (Nov. 25):

This Charming Bowie posted the story from official_morrissey_central / Instagram:

Morrissey's Rebels Without Applause is available today worldwide (including Britain) on Spotify,
courtesy of Capitol Records. The track is produced by Andrew Watt. This is Morrissey's first 'single' release since 'It's Over', taken from the 'California Son' album in November 2019. 'It's Over' peaked at number 1 in the UK vinyl chart.

Also now on Morrissey Central. Link posted by Famous when dead.


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It is available through Japanese YT.



The YT auto information is interesting...
Previous songs have featured via Japan first.
A good sign.
This sounds like the one I heard ..
(it had a kinda underwater production sound on guitar - like smiths are being played underwater )
I thought it was where i was pissed when i heard it or a bad copy
If you find BOT , please upload it, as it's much better than the live version. Its saints and Obliova are mega - up there with River and pigstye
It's on YouTube and official Spotify in Continental Europe.
Pleasant melody as heard from the live shows, guitar work too is nice.
Production sound a bit off though and not sure if it’s my stream but Moz’s voice sounds quite strange? Auto tuned? Could be just on my end though.
Sleeve is horrific however, from whatever angle you’re sitting at.
As it is now the 25th, kind of makes sense given the previous blurb.


So rather than a leak, its released?
Im confused AF
I thought veronica was meant to be the new single?
Some people still appear to have trouble seeing it on streaming (I know of UK and US), but here it's definitely on the official Spotify. YouTube says 'Morrissey-Topic' instead of the normal Morrissey account.


Amazon has it too

Screenshot_20221125_012137_Amazon Shopping.jpg
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Wow did not expect to see this. I agree that the production feels a bit off. After the privations of the last few days…I’ll take anything.
Who knows!?
Leak was how it first presented as that is how it appeared.
When accessing the video via Japan, the auto-generated info matches previously released "singles" (or song in this case perhaps) and looks legit, so title was amended.
Amazon Germany:

As it is now the 25th, kind of makes sense given the previous blurb.


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Such an odd song to drop first. I mean, its like a b-side or lp track at most. Good news though, something is happening. Im not sure what

First, he says Veronica is the first single
Then he signs with Capital and the lp is out next year.
Then the lp is "lost " and he doesn't know what's happening. Now a song is being streamed.
I wonder if capital has f***ed him over. Paid for the LP and is gonna make it streamer only. so they get $$$ . My wife used to work for a record company She said music labels make bank from streaming hand over fist. Its just the artists get f***ed over

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