Morrissey Central "Rebels Without Applause" (November 25, 2022)

First 'single' release in exactly three years.

Morrissey's Rebels Without Applause is available today worldwide (including Britain) on Spotify, courtesy of Capitol Records. The track is produced by Andrew Watt.
This is Morrissey's first 'single' release since 'It's Over', taken from the 'California Son' album in November 2019. 'It's Over' peaked at number 1 in the UK vinyl chart.

Morrissey's next live appearance is on Monday, 28 November at The Anthem in Washington DC.

Just to help Central:
It's Over was released as an instant grat & pre-order bonus - February 25/26, 2019 (followed by Morning Starship - both getting airplay).
It's Over was then nightmarishly released as a physical 7" - (initially December 20, 2019) January 24, 2020.
The first actual "single" from California Son was Wedding Bell Blues 7" - May 10, 2019.

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Just heard Rebels on Sirius XMU satellite radio, I like it just like it is...way too much overreaction over's upbeat and miles ahead of anything else out there
recently released...
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Has anyone slowed down the vocal please?
Agree. Say what you want about Morrissey but the man has a one of a kind beautiful voice. You're going to mess with it with some stupid effect? Absolutely unforgiveable.

He certainly does! I don't know what they were thinking. These days many people require these tricks and effects because they simply haven't strong enough vocals for to be able to carry the song and need a little help along the way. However, he is not one of those people.

I am so glad someone else sees it the same way.
Had to come to a morrissey fan message board to be convinced to not like morrissey's new single. He really is the pope of mope and the hardcore fans prove it 😂
Disappointment came to me and booted me and bruised and hurt me

This quote perfectly describes my feelings about the song that seemed to be really cool for a few months. Yes , there are things worse in life than that damn auto-tune but ...

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