Reagan And Comedy

you're confusing me, now. is this fact or fiction?!

Weren't wanna confuse ya rifke.
Let's go ahead and hear it straight from the Gipper...

A very embarrassin' incident occurred for the Secret Service,
when in broad daylight, Ronald McReagan took a staff members
car and was able to leave the White House grounds, with no
He returned a few hours later, with the car full of balloons.

Helium tanks and an ample supply of balloons were brought to the
White House and Ronald McReagan spent hours fillin' the balloons
and lettin' them loose into the D.C. sky.
D.C. residents never knew where the balloons came from, but many
remarked at the joy it brought to their day.

It's been said there were two Reagan deaths. The first was when
senility set in and Ronald McReagan, was lost to a faded memory.
The second was Ronald Reagan's actual death.


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