Readers poll: The Cure’s Top 98 songs of all time “Same Deep Water As You” #1

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The deeply mournful “Same Deep Water As You” — the centerpiece of the new Disintegration: Deluxe Edition —is not just Slicing Up Eyeballs readers’ favorite song off that classic 1989 album, it’s their No. 1 all-time song by The Cure, according to our informal poll that wraps up Disintegration Week. A few weeks ago, we held a Disintegration contest in which we asked entrants to name their favorite Cure song. This list of the 98 different songs that were named, much like this week’s Top 10 singles and B-sides countdowns, was compiled from that admittedly unscientific poll, and ranked in order — although we used editorial judgment to break ties, a problem most significant with the single-vote entries at the bottom of the list.
As you’ll see below, the Top 10 is pretty Disintegration-heavy, with half of the selections coming from the newly reissued album. Overall, though, the list is fairly diverse, with entries from every studio album except 2004’s The Cure (although that era is represented by a B-side). There also are a number of non-album singles, B-sides and other rarities, including “Carnage Visors,” the instrumental on the B-side of the original Faith cassette.

1. “The Same Deep Water As You”
2. “A Forest”
3. “Disintegration”
4. “Plainsong”
5. “Just Like Heaven”
6. “Pictures of You”
7. “One Hundred Years”
8. “Fascination Street”
9. “Faith”
10. “A Strange Day”
11. “Close to Me” (From ‘The Head on the Door’)
12. “All Cats Are Grey” (From ‘Faith’)
13. “Inbetween Days” (From ‘The Head on the Door’)
14. “The Exploding Boy” (B-side to “Inbetween Days”)
15. “How Beautiful You Are” (From ‘Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me’)
16. “From the Edge of the Deep Green Sea” (From ‘Wish’)
17. “Push” (From ‘The Head on the Door’)
18. “Open” (From ‘Wish’)
19. “2 Late” (B-side to “Lovesong”)
20. “The Kiss” (From ‘Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me’)
21. “A Night Like This” (From ‘The Head on the Door’)
22. “Lullaby” (From ‘Disintegration’)
23. “Untitled” (From ‘Disintegration’)
24. “10.15 Saturday Night” (B-side to “Killing an Arab”)
25. “The Big Hand” (B-side to “A Letter to Elise”)
26. “Boys Don’t Cry” (Non-album single)
27. “Homesick” (From ‘Disintegration’)
28. “The Caterpillar” (From ‘The Top’)
29. “Charlotte Sometimes” (Non-album single)
30. “Jumping Someone Else’s Train” (Non-album single)
31. “A Letter to Elise” (From ‘Wish’)
32. “Prayers for Rain” (From ‘Disintegration’)
33. “The Love Cats” (Non-album single)
34. “To the Sky” (From ‘Stranger Than Fiction’ compilation)
35. “A Chain of Flowers” (B-side to ‘Catch’ and ‘Just Like Heaven’)
36. “Catch” (From ‘Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me’)
37. “Killing an Arab” (Non-album single)
38. “Six Different Ways” (From ‘The Head on the Door’)
39. “Why Can’t I Be You?” (From ‘Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me’)
40. “High” (From ‘Wish’)
41. “Harold and Joe” (B-side to “Never Enough”)
42. “Closedown” (From ‘Disintegration’)
43. “A Short Term Effect” (From ‘Pornography’)
44. “Like Cockatoos” (From ‘Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me’)
45. “This Twilight Garden” (B-side of “High”)
46. “Friday I’m In Love” (From ‘Wish’)
47. “A Few Hours After This…” (B-side to “Inbetween Days”)
48. “Primary” (From ‘Faith’)
49. “Sinking” (From ‘The Head on the Door’)
50. “Lovesong” (From ‘Disintegration’)
51. “Cut Here” (From ‘Greatest Hits’)
52. “The Perfect Girl” (From ‘Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me’)
53. “Jupiter Crash” (From ‘Wild Mood Swings’)
54. “Cold” (From ‘Pornography’)
55. “Let’s Go to Bed” (Non-album single)
56. “Another Journey By Train” (B-side to “A Forest”)
57. “The Drowning Man” (From ‘Faith’)
58. “A Man Inside My Mouth” (B-side to “Close to Me”)
59. “Bird Mad Girl” (From ‘The Top’)
60. “Underneath the Stars” (From ‘4.13 Dream’)
61. “A Japanese Dream” (B-side to “Why Can’t I Be You?”)
62. “Doing the Unstuck” (From ‘Wish’)
63. “M” (From ‘Seventeen Seconds’)
64. “The Figurehead” (From ‘Pornography’)
65. “If Only Tonight We Could Sleep” (From ‘Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me’)
66. “One More Time” (From ‘Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me’)
67. “Never Enough” (From ‘Mixed Up’)
68. “Bananafishbones” (From ‘The Top’)
69. “Last Dance” (From ‘Disintegration’)
70. “Play for Today” (From ‘Seventeen Seconds’)
71. “Lament” (B-side to “The Walk”)
72. “To Wish Impossible Things” (From ‘Wish’)
73. “Carnage Visors” (B-side to ‘Faith’ cassette)
74. “The Blood” (From ‘The Head on the Door’)
75. “A Foolish Arrangement” (B-side to “A Letter to Elise”)
76. “A Pink Dream” (B-side to “Mint Car”)
77. “39” (From ‘Bloodflowers’)
78. “Happy the Man” (B-side to “The Caterpillar”)
79. “Kyoto Song” (From ‘The Head on the Door’)
80. “Siamese Twins” (From ‘Pornography’)
81. “Bloodflowers” (From ‘Bloodflowers’)
82. “More Than This” (From ‘The X-Files: The Album’)
83. “The Funeral Party” (From ‘Faith’)
84. “Grinding Halt”(From ‘Three Imaginary Boys’)
85. “Burn” (From ‘The Crow’ soundtrack)
86. “The Upstairs Room” (B-side to “The Walk”)
87. “Pornography” (From ‘Pornography’)
88. “Subway Song” (From ‘Three Imaginary Boys’)
89. “Out of this World” (From ‘Bloodflowers’)
90. “A Reflection” (From ‘Seventeen Seconds’)
91. “This. Here and Now. With You.” (From ‘4.13 Dream’)
92. “The Only One” (From ‘4.13 Dream’)
93. “Treasure” (From ‘Wild Mood Swings’)
94. “There Is No If…” (From ‘Bloodflowers’)
95. “I’m Cold” (B-side to “Jumping Someone Else’s Train”)
96. “Secrets” (From ‘Seventeen Seconds’)
97. “This Morning” (B-side to “The End of the World”)
98. “Without You” (B-side to “The Perfect Boy”)

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Interesting list, but 1 & 3 are way too high....because you would be hard pressed to tell me that they are better than A Night Like This or Lullaby or any of a number of lower tiered songs.

The inclusion of numerous Bloodflowers songs in any best of list is highly debatable too.

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some interesting rankings, for sure. I'm happy to see "2 Late" rated so high. Great song.


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What! Nobody voted for "Just Say Yes"?:sick::sick: (the worst song in the world!!!), Seriously though, did nobody else miss Fire in Cairo - i love that song.

I reckon i'd be able to find my top 10 cure songs in that list... but there's a few stinkers in there too. Their top 10 doesn't resemble mine at all - i'd definitely move How beautiful you are, A night like this, Why can't i be you, Primary, Charlotte sometimes, The love cats and The caterpillar up the list to join 100 years, A forest, Just like heaven and Close to me!!!!:rolleyes:


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I wrote the review for "One Hundred Years"... and I would have done a much better job had I known that it would be posted for all to see.


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Interesting, thanks for posting. Personally I find Disintegration vastly overrated - it wouldn't have anything near the top 10 on any Cure list of mine. Can I resist writing one? Of course I can't.

1. How Beautiful You Are (KM KM KM)
2. A Forest (Faith)
3. The Kiss (KM KM KM)
4. In Between Days (THOTD)
5. Killing an Arab
6. Lament (JD)
7. Charlotte Sometimes
8. Siamese Twins (P)
9. 10.15 Saturday Night (BDC/TIB)
10. The Upstairs Room (JD)

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Oh well.Enough said.
I don't know how Love Cats and A Japanese Dream made it into that list in front of songs such as A Thousand Hours and The Hanging Garden.:crazy:

Didn't see anything off Lost Wishes either.:confused:
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